Our referral program is all about making the connection between talented people you know and job opportunities within Hexema®. Refer someone to Hexema® and you could bank on a reward. However, the rewards of putting someone you know in touch with a great job opportunity go beyond the financial. For one thing, it's a good feeling to know you have helped make the connection. It also means the business hires talented people faster and more cost effectively

To be a successful Hexema® Talent Scout, it's important to realize just how well connected you really are. We could probably all think of friends and family members with the right skills, but what about the other people within your wider networks?

  • Colleagues from a previous company or earlier stages in your career
  • Contacts you know in academia, professional associations or industry circles
  • People you meet at conferences, forums and seminars
  • Former Hexema® employees – 'alumni'


We all know lots of people through our personal and professional networks. If you've been out scouting for the best talent and found the right match, put your referral into action. Before you get started, review the Guidelines and Rewards to get familiar with the Talent Referral program.

You can explore current roles and inform members of your network about specific jobs that may be relevant for them. You can send links to positions or a link to search themselves. Your referees can then review and apply for the vacancy you selected, sign up for job alerts, or register their details.

There are two ways to refer someone to a position at Hexema®:

  • Reach out to your external network and encourage them to apply for a job via our Careers site. They must enter your email address and name in the Employee Referral field during the application process.
  • If someone you know is a qualified candidate for a role you may share the job requisition with him or her in our jobs opening section.


Throughout the program, eligible individuals will receive a single, lump-sum payment for every candidate who is hired from a referral. Payment amount varies depending on the job; referral reward is displayed on each of the open jobs on Hexema® career web site. View Job Postings.

payout structure

In addition to a generous lump-sum payment for each successfully referral, you will be eligible to enroll in our referral points program. The Referral points program allows you to accumulate one point per successful referral. The table below highlights our referral point payout structure.